Topaz hotel is located in the center of Karpacz ski resort which guarantees the walking distance to multiple attractions:
- main street (with multiple cafes, shops restaurants etc.) – 60 meters distance
- Kolorowa ski hill – 50 meters distance
- forest and Swietlana gora – 60 meters distance
- playground and activities areas for kids – 250 meters distance
- aqua park/swimming pool – 500 meters distance.
  Great location of our hotel right at the Kolorowa hill enables our guests to view a great landscape of Karpacz, Jeleniogorska Valley and Karpatka hill. Center of all year bobsleigh activities is located only 50 meters distance from our location.  During the spring, summer and autumn there are number of other activities such as jumping platforms and bungy jumping.
The Kolorowa hill located 50 meters away from our hotel is a country wide known winter slope.
We invite our guests to perform bike or trek tours round Sudeten areas.
The kids enjoy multiple attractions such as: toy museum, house of legends, LEGO exhibition, museum of sports and tourism, jungle park TARZAN, all year skating rink, swimming pools and aquaparks.
  We see you in Karpacz!